Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gold Tipped Mani

I love a good french manicure- that said, I am terrible at french manicures. I always end up frustrated and disappointed with my poor painting skills (maybe I take things a bit too seriously sometimes)

But don't fear, I have created a french manicure that I can actually do! the only "tool" you need is a teeny paintbrush, which I had lying around my house.

You'll need a base/top coat, a sheer pink polish, a gold polish, and optionally a glitter polish.
I am kind of glitter-obsessed, so of course I opted for glitter.

Paint a clear base coat, then go ahead and paint your pink. I used three thin coats to get it as opaque as I wanted. Give your nails about 20 minutes to dry before the next step.

Then, take your teeny-tiny paint brush, dip it into your gold polish, and muster all of your confidence to paint your tip! I found that gold polish is extremely forgiving, especially compared to white polish. 

*tip: rather then moving your brush, move your finger- you'll get much straighter lines

You could definitely stop with the gold, but I took that same brush, dipped it in my glitter and painted over the gold.

And you're done! It's a super simple, but a very classy and wearable manicure. 
I hope you'll try this out for yourself! 

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