Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY Graphic Word Tee

Lately I've been love the graphic word tees, so I decided to diy one myself! This diy is practically self explanatory, and the best part is, it it only cost me about $3.50!

I researched what I wanted mine to say for a while, because I don't care for ones I've seen that say something like "whatever" or "you can't sit with us," I just find them silly. So I decided to keep it classy and go with "Tres Chic," which literally translates to "Very Stylish."

What You'll Need

-White Tee (I got mine at Hobby Lobby for under $4!)
-Fabric Paint
-Small paint brush

Grab your pencil and start out by drawing two lines as your guide for how big you want your words to be, one at the top of where you want your words to stop and one at the bottom. Then draw a line in between the two lines. Start tracing out your letters in between your lines- if you're not comfortable free-handing them, you can definitely use a stencil. Then start painting in your letters. Wait at least 30 minutes for your tee to dry, and you're done! 

This shirt is such a great addition to my wardrobe, because it's super versatile and will transition into my summer wardrobe really well! 

I hope you try this diy out for yourself!

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