Monday, April 14, 2014

Brush Business

We probably all wash (or know we're supposed to wash) our make up brushes, but have you ever thought about your poor hairbrushes? We use these guys everyday, and  between dirt, grease, dry shampoo, hairspray, and whatever else is in our hair, the buildup in our brushes is g r o s s. Seriously, take a close look at your brush, and I promise you will be grossed out. 

The best remedy for this is to give your brushes a nice soak in a cleaning bath. 

Here's what you'll need:

-A splash of white vinegar
-A squeeze of dish soap
-A couple drops of your favorite essential oil (optional)
-Toothbrush (one you clean with)

(I know, my measurements are super precise)

^^ Here are my brushes before- dingy and generally gross

First, you'll need to clean all of the hair out that you can with your fingers, then grab your comb and comb through your brush (I know it's weird), and get all of the hair out that you possibly can. 

Next, fill up your sink (bathroom or kitchen works great), with super hot water and add your vinegar, soap, and oil of choice. Drop in your brushes and let those sucka's soak for about 30 minutes. After they've soaked take your toothbrush and scrub away at all that gunk on the bristles.  #mirror selfie

Give them a rinse, and set them out on a towel to dry. Then take a look at how nasty your water was, and breathe a sigh of relief because you're not brushing your hair with that gunk now!

Much better!

I truly do see a difference in my hair after I wash my brushes, and you will too! 
Try this out for yourself when you have a spare afternoon, and show your brushes some love!


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