Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Dreaming of spring

Dreaming of spring

Here's my top wishlist for spring/summer:

1. Sunnies from Revolve Clothing
I've been dying for some round sunnies for a while, so hopefully I'll score some in the near future.

2. Shorts from Urban
I neeeed some solid high-waisted jean shorts that I can pair with some crop tops and tanks

3. Maxi from Anthropologie 
I'm in love with maxi's right now-I may end up living in them this summer, because they're so comfy

4. Strappy tank from RVCA 
One of my favorite trends right now is the kind of "strappy" trend, and it looks so nice on this tank. Plus it's a neutral color, and I can't resist that.

5. Sandals by Steve Madden
Sandals are a necessity for me, and I have completely worn all of mine out, so I may have to splurge a bit on a good pair that I can live in in the warm seasons.

Of course, this is a highly unrealistic list, but a girl can dream. I'm hoping to thrift/bargain shop at least a couple of these items.
Ironically it is snowing as I type this- but knowing Tennessee, it will probably be sunny and 70 tomorrow (lets hope so, at least).

What's on your summer/wishlist?

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