Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY Geometric Camera Strap

Today I'm going to share a super easy diy camera strap that I created. I was needing a new strap because my last one I had created was falling apart. So, I grabbed some scrap fabric and got to work! 

This project only takes about 30 minutes and requires very basic sewing skills (which is good, because that's all I have to offer!) 

*You can also make this with fabric glue if you're without a sewing machine, but it will take longer because you will need to wait for the glue to completely dry after each step.

-White fabric (cotton, cotton webbing, and muslin all work well)
-Sewing machine (this project can also be done with fabric glue)
-Masking or packing tape
-Fabric paint 
-Key rings or swivel hooks (both can be found in the jewelry section of a craft store)

Lay out and cut a piece of your fabric so that it is 45x6 inches. Then fold right sides together in half length wise and press with a hot iron. Next, sew up the open side about an inch away from the edge. Cut the excess fabric, turn inside out, and press again with your iron.

Next, I used tape to create a triangle design, but you can make your design whatever you prefer by using a stencil, stamp, or even free-handing. You can also use different colors. 
I found the tape gave a really nice design and left a few imperfections, which I liked a lot.

I then folded the edges, stuck on my jump ring, folded the fabric over the jump ring and sewed it up with a zig-zag stitch. I also stitched up and down the edges to create a more "professional" look (for lack of a better word).

And there you have your beautiful new camera strap! Get ready to knock some people's socks off when they ask where you got it and you tell them you made it! 

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